Monday, May 18, 2009

Winning with Teleteria

Finally, I'm getting everything I have worked so hard for! After being married 30 years my husband decided "what the hell" and took off with his secretary - she was 25! I'm sure she was in for a shock when she saw his bank account! Both the bank and in his shorts!

Anyway, I hadn't worked outside the home during our 30 years of marriage - sure I had volunteered and I had done some computer work from home. So you can imagine how pleased I was to come across! I had never owned my own website business before but Jay Servidio did help me get ahead! He sold me two adult sites designed by Teleteria designers. I love that the content changes without any prompting from me and that it's an adult turn-key site so it takes care of itself. I just have to market it. Thank goodness for Jay Servidio and Teleteria!

With their assistance I have been able to make my investment back AND sock enough away that I won't have to worry about rent or bills for awhile. Teleteria has done wonders for getting my finances settled - the weasel of a husband thinks he can nab my profits from this but I got news for him - he ain't touching it! I've made more than enough to pay for a lawyer, make 8 months house payment and pay off my car! I've owned my site less than a year.

Servidio has been very helpful and I'm glad I found it has helped me keep my head way above sinking level. Yeah, I'm winning with Teleteria and I owe it all to Jay Servidio and his team of Teleteria employees who are always there to help me out.

Thanks again Jay Servidio!